As a counsellor of over 14 years, I have a wealth of experience in both the charity sector and in private practice. I am trained as an integrative counsellor as well as having studied CBT, mental health and family work. I have a BSc in Psychology and an MSC in Addiction Psychology and Counselling.

I trained as an integrative counsellor and specialise in a psychodynamic and humanistic approach. I have worked extensively with individuals, groups and families.

I understand how difficult it is to take the first step into counselling. I am available by phone or email to discuss your needs and how we can work together.

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What I do

I am a counsellor and psychotherapist based in mid-Suffolk. I am fully qualified and offer counselling and psychotherapy for individuals. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

I have worked in the charity and not for profit sector and now focus solely on my private practice. I have specialist experience in addiction, trauma and stress and anxiety. I have worked with clients long term and short term covering often complex issues. I am an experienced group therapist.

My training was integrative and drew on a range of theories and approaches to support my clients. BACP provides a detailed explanation of what counselling is here:

BACP - Introduction to Counselling

Counselling may seem daunting, but it important to remember that you are in the driving seat. Being heard and exploring where things have gone wrong help to understand and live a more authentic life. I am respectful, experienced and always supportive. Confidentiality is at the core of all of my work so anything that you tell me will be absolutely safe.


Compassionate, Supportive and Respectful reflects my ethos.

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