Alison Caldow Counselling Woodford and Walthamstow, East London

About Counselling

Counselling is about understanding yourself and why you behave the way that you do. That way, changes can occur. Often, we do not know why we behave this way. That is what counselling can help to uncover. It is also about having a safe and confidential space to express yourself without anxiety about what you should or shouldn't say or how you come across. You will not be judged or criticised. It is your time to be yourself and explore.

What Conditions Can it Help?

If you come to counselling, it means that you want something to be different. Counselling can help with many conditions or problems, but it is best to work with someone who has experience in working with these issues. I have experience with depression, low mood, addiction, stress and anxiety, relationship difficulties, as well as many other issues. I can also help you to explore what is stopping you to move forward, or what changes you want to make.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Increased awareness can lead to increased understanding and acceptance of ourselves. This reduces anxiety and leads to a more satisfying and contented way of living. Counselling can help you to value yourself and take a different approach in life. It can help you to move forward when you feel stuck. I work with my clients to help them to find their voice and find solutions to the difficulties that they are facing.

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